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Concept Technology Vehicles

We build concept for automotive tradeshow, particularly CES. These aren't just a simple tablet into the vehicle. Instead, we build a brand new software and hardware interface all on automotive grade hardware. 

Production Infotainment Solutions

We have built comprehensive solutions for key OEMs including Subaru and Karma. The Subaru design won the prestigious Wards Auto's Top 10 UX Award in 2017, for it's simple and modern approach. 


Concept Bucks and Prototypes

We build concept for automotive tradeshow, particularly CES. More than just a simple tablet fitted in a vehicle, we build a brand new software interface that functions on top of automotive grade hardware. That provides the best environment for testing towards commercial success. 

Mobility-as-a-Service Programs

We've led the industry in novel ideations, particularly for the luxury Segment, with avant-garde innovations in mobility solutions. At CES 2019, we helped launch Karma Mobility, a luxury MaaS program targeted at Boutique Hotels, showing the potential profitable business models that delight consumers.  



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Automotive Grade

All our solutions are on automotive grade hardware, so your concepts can scale to production

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Fast and On Budget

Our proprietary development process can cut development time by nearly 50%

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Integrated with the Best of Tech

With key partnerships with Android, AWS, and Apple, your solutions will get the highest quality of development

They're the best kept secret in Automotive. I don't know how we could have done it without them. 

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Client in Ann Arbor, MI

We shipped the cars to them in Mid-October and they were complete by mid-december, just ready for CES. And the development wasn't trivial, it was a lot of software integration to make it right. What takes them weeks, normal companies can take quarters, even years. Just amazing!

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Client in Southern California


Pictures of Past Builds

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