Case Studies

An End-to-end INfotainment Solution

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Autonomous Tech Demonstrator

The client wanted to integrate autonomous technology into their sportscar for CES 2021. We sourced a LiDAR technology partner, and integrated their solution in a seamless showcase. 

  • Automotive grade hardware and solution
  • Scalable to production 
  • Quick! (Developed within 6 weeks of kick-off)
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Facial Recognition that Adds Value

The client wanted to integrate a facial recognition solution in their production vehicle. We sourced a leading facial recognition solution in consumer electrics, and developed unique use-cases that would please consumers rather than scare them away.

It turns out, if you focus on the use-cases and the human approach, consumers love the convenience of facial recognition technologies. 

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Advanced Cloud Solutions with AI an Machine Learning 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning sounds like futuristic buzzwords to the average users. However, with the proper techniques and support from tech partners including AWS, Blackberry, and Lixar, we were able to showcase a working demonstration that previews the future of automotive tech. 

  • AI to predict when batteries will fail, all based on a historical model 
  • Partnership with AWS to showcase an innovative App Store with the reach of Amazon's 3rd Party Developers
  • Advanced cloud computing using AWS's Greengrass AI framework 
More about the Collaboration with AWS
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Android OS-based Infotainment 

The client wanted to show an Android OS in their showcar for CES. We integrated the solution in a seamless development process, that provides the connected reach of Android, while still enable a safe environment for safety critical technology. 

See the Show Car at CES


"Normally to build a car like this, it takes 3 - 4 months depending on how much technology we need to integrate. We only had 4 - 6 weeks."

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Our Development Strategy

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Driven by Results

We set high goals, and then we meet it. Whether it be a top score in Consumers Reports, JD Power, or Motor Trend, we have knack for delivery on time and under budget. 

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Digital KAIZEN 

At the core of our philosophy, is the Kaizen process that has revolutionized the automotive manufacturing world. What is digital KAIZEN? It's the best of Agile meets the tradition of waterfall, for a seamless integration that alway sets to mprove. 

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Relationships Built on Love 

We believe in long-term relationships, and strong partnerships with clients and tech partners. For us, our clients are more than clients, they're family.

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Leading the Pack

We've taking the hardest projects to prove that we can go where no one else has. From Autonomous cars to AI/ML, we've leading automotive's future development strategy.


A Commitment to Excellence

We have a strong belief that we're the best in the world, and we stand by our services, no questions asked. If you're unhappy with our development, than you have our guarantee for our drive towards resolution. { position: fixed; z-index: 999999; }